Our Trails

Our trails around Fort St. John are a work in progress. We rely on volunteers and donated equipment to build and maintain the trails.

There are two areas of trails, Beatton River, and Big Bam.

Beatton River

The Beatton River contains the trail Stinky Panties. This trail runs from the airport down to the Beatton river. It is a black diamond with many man made features on it. Keep in mind, there is no cell phone reception on the trail.

We are also very excited to have partnered with the Big Bam Ski Hill to develop a trail network on their land. We currently have a jump trail and a flow trail and are working towards having a full downhill trail built by June Jam at Big Bam.

The trails are currently closed to the public as they are not finished. If you would like to come and help us build (and get plenty of ride breaks in) please contact us! Or join us on our Facebook Page.